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This project is being built from the ground up. We have not played any gigs yet, but here is our prospectus:

Rose City Revue is a show band playing big, high-energy R&B, Funk, Soul, and similar genres. We will also be covering songs from other genres in our big R&B style, as well as possibly creating some original work.

Click here to see our song idea list

This is a show band. We’re going to be flashy, fun, and friendly: highly polished but not ‘slick’. Be prepared for lots of on-stage interaction between band members and working with the audience. We are professional entertainers.

We bring good times. We have no message or political/religious agenda. We will project a positive attitude in what we do, but we will never say that’s what we’re doing. Our act will be family-friendly regardless of venue.

Speaking of venues, this band is intended to work a lot. As in multiple nights a week once we get some traction. We will be working events such as weddings, festivals and corporate gigs, plus concerts where people sit and listen. In short, we go where we’re a good fit and the pay is sufficient.

Rehearsals will be once a week, probably on the west side but there are options for rotating venues based on where the members live. Expect to be at most, if not all, rehearsals. This may change once the book is more solid, but there is a ton of work to do in not only making the music, but in building our act.

Proficient candidates with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


This covers both lead and backup, male and female. Lead vocalists should have experience with fronting a band and/or musical theatre. All vocalists should be prepared to have some choreography to work on as well.

Be a team player. This band is going to be a team, so everyone is going to have room to shine and there will be a lot of different combinations of who does what where to help create more variety in our show. Diva skills are great, diva attitude is not.

Soul is required.  You need to live the music you’re singing while you’re on stage.  Our act has a positive attitude and you need to be able to convey that while making the audience feel like a welcome part of the show.


This is way more than just piano or just organ. Be ready to synth it up with a big fat sound or drop into some barrelhosue boogie-woogie, or even something quiet and poignant to add the perfect melodic background. Good tonal color skills will be especially helpful.


We’re looking for solid time, good grooves, creative sounds, effective dynamics, and above all, good touch. Just because this is a big band doesn’t mean every show will be in a big room, so your sound must be appropriate to the environment.


Both rhythm and lead guitar chops will be helpful. We are focusing on making a truly great blend of all the instruments so your part will be more tasty than shreddy, but you will definitely get your turn in the spotlight.


Starting small, looking for alto or tenor sax (or one of these plus baritone), trumpet, and trombone. As this project grows, so will the horn section. Be ready to be flashy, and maybe not stand all togehter all of the time.


All the stuff a sound person does: Setup/strike, sound check, monitoring, running & recording shows, coordinating with house crew as appropriate. Be punctual, be professional, be proficient. We hire crew the same way we hire musicians (see below for that process).


This includes not just lighting, but also video projection, camera coordination & feeds, and acting as liasion with house lighting & video crew at venues, TV studios, or other locations. It may also include participating in set design if/when that becomes a thing. We’ll be relying on you to help us produce music videos, vlog posts, or other visual media.

Our crew members are paid just like the rest of the band and are considered a part of the team. Your creative input will be welcomed.


  • Commitment to gigging at least 3-5 times a month
    If you are not willing to make a commitment to working a lot and trying to work more, this will not be the project for you.
  • Versatility – Comfort with a variety of styles, audiences, and venues
  • Stagecraft – Our act is as important as our music
  • Professionalism – We are a group of disciplined and dedicated performers. If you’re just looking to do a thing and have some beers now and then, this isn’t your project.
  • Creativity – Style, humor, arranging…anything that brings interest & fun to our shows will be welcome!


  • Hobbyists – If you don’t consider music part of your legitimate career path, this is not the right project for you
  • Drama
  • Big egos
  • Non-team players

If you are hired, you will be expected to help build our brand by spreading the word, contributing content to our blog/website & social media, and generally helping drum up business wherever possible. We have a manager, so you would be helping where & how you’re able to. Right now we are looking to work mostly locally with occasional regional gigs, but who knows where the future will lead us?

We all help carry stuff, set it up, and take it down again. If you feel that your job description should be “show up and play,” we’re probably not a good fit.


  • Step 1 – Make contact, set up an interview
    Please include links to your work, preferably in a live setting.
  • Step 2 – An interview usually over Zoom, around 30 minutes. This allows everyone to save time in the long run.
  • Step 3 – Audition with the band using some pre-arranged pieces plus some common tunes (if any) and a little jamming. We consider musical & personal chemistry to be the most important elements of the right fit.

Thanks for reading!

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