Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple:  We respect your right to privacy and will do our best to protect it.

What We Keep & Why We Keep It

We use some information to enhance your experience on our site.  Cookies for settings & preferences are kept locally and not shared anywhere else.  Any information that you give to us may be used by us for the exclusive purpose of serving you better.

Personal Information

Things like your name, email address, phone number, and/or shipping & billing addresses.  Also any posting or purchasing history you have on our website only.

Payment Information

We keep only shipping & billing information on our site.  All payment transactions are sent through a secure gateway and we do not collect or have access to any account numbers or data.

Stuff You Post

We reserve the right to use any posts, comments, reviews, or other content posted by you on our website, in whole or in part, for promotional purposes.  We will not take credit for your work and will credit you as appropriate.

What We Give To Others

We will not share your information in any way with any third party except where requried by local, state, or federal law, or if requested/required by any law enforcement agency.


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